Attend a Local Bahá'í Activity


The Bahá'ís of Whatcom County participate in various types of activities, many at a neighborhood level, which are warmly open to people of all backgrounds.


Children's classes (ages 5-11) provide spiritual and moral education to children of all faiths. Children are the future of everyday community and their spiritual education is among the most important services that can be offered.


Junior youth spiritual empowerment program helps groups of youth from all faiths, ages 11-14, develop spiritual and intellectual capacities while channeling their energies into service to humanity.


Study circles are for groups of youth or adults to deepen their spiritual insight while fostering the development of their neighborhoods and communities.


Devotional gatherings are for people from all faiths who want to increase their devotion to God, and increase their devotion to the well-being of their communities, by drawing on the power of prayer and the Word of God.


Informal discussions to learn about the Bahá'í Faith are for people who have questions about, or would like an introduction to, the basic teachings, history, organization, and activities of the Bahá'í Faith.


Please contact the Bellingham Baha'i community – at 360.305.8230 or – for current locations and scheduling.


We look forward to meeting you!

Bellingham Baha'i